WaterVault Helps Reduce Water Consumption and Save Water

Total Leak Detection

Our vision for WaterVault is simple. To save water while saving you money. Leaks come in all shapes and sizes.  Small leaks, turn into big leaks and sometimes big leaks can flood your entire building.  By identifying leaks as soon as they start, WaterVault alerts you to a problem before it becomes really expensive.

Toilet Leaks

Have you ever heard your toilet randomly flush in the middle of the night? That's an intermittent leak and WaterVault's patent-pending technology can detect water leaks as small as .25 gallons/minute. Small leaks turn into big leaks, and big leaks can cost a lot of money.


It doesn't matter if a leak is big or small, once water is on the ground, you have a problem. WaterVault's room level detection, helps direct your staff where to start looking for the problem. By knowing where the leak started, you can reduce the number of units affected by the flood.

Usage Monitor

Using advanced data analytics, WaterVault can not only tell you what room a flood started in or which toilet need attention, it can help you answer questions like "Which toilet is getting the most use"? Or "What time of week is best for a maintenance visit."

Contact Us

Whether you are ready for an assessment or just have a few more questions about how WaterVault can help you conserve water, an account specialist is here to help!  Even with the recent demand in WaterVault, we will get back to you within 24 hours!