Still have questions about how WaterVault can help you save money?

WaterVault is designed to help you reduce costs associated with water usage.  Every decision we made in developing this innovative device was done to save water.  By maximizing how much water we save, we maximize how much money you save.

Read our FAQ’s below to see the most common answers to your questions.  If you don’t see your question answered, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll get back to promptly with the answer.  

Yep!  WaterVault does not require changing fixtures.  All the installation is done via the water supply lines, which are standardized in sizing.  This means that any toilet, faucet, washing machine or dishwasher can potentially be monitored with WaterVault.  WaterVault is designed to work with all appliances to help reduce water consumption.

Nope!  WaterVault uses AA batteries to help you save water for over 2 years! 

Nope!  WaterVault uses standard WiFi networks to communicate valuable water data.  While WaterVault will need access to a WiFi network in order to communicate, nowadays these are fairly common in most locations.  If your location does not have WiFi, there are a few solutions we have to help reduce water consumption.  Talk to one of our account specialists about your specific situation, and we’ll be happy to help find a way to help you save water!

WaterVault is intelligent enough to know when water starts and when water stops.  We take privacy seriously which means any data that is collected on site, is always securely sent to the cloud servers.  None of the data WaterVault generates is personally identifiable.  

WaterVault’s flow sensor sits neatly in-line between the water valve stop (usually located on the wall near the fixture) and the fixture.  This local water stop-valve that can be used to install WaterVault in minutes without disrupting water to the rest of your property.  Installation generally takes a few hand tightens , and a few wrench tightens to be complete.   

None.  WaterVault provides the parts you need in one box.  During our on-boarding process if we determine there are specific parts needed, we can discuss what options are available.  

Awesome…glad you have made the choice to help save the environment!  Click the link below and drop us your email and one of our account specialists will schedule an assessment where we can go over your specific property.  Our goal is to ensure that every WaterVault installed will be a great addition to your property and help you reduce water consumption!  Due to high demand, our current lead time is about 4-6 weeks, but with more orders that turn around time can decrease.

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Whether you are ready for an assessment or just have a few more questions about how WaterVault can help you save money.  An account specialist is here to help!  Even with the recent high demand in WaterVault, we will get back to you within 24 hours!