Leaks Happen.

Don’t be surprised again!  WaterVault detects leaks and floods in real-time, sending a message to your cell phone with the exact location of the problem. 

Step 1: Identify Leak

WaterVault monitors 24/7 and can identify both a flood or a running toilet. Identify problems as soon as they start, preventing larger damage or cost.

Step 2: Get Notified

As soon as a problem is identified, WaterVault will send your cell phone a notification, complete with the exact location of the problem.

WaterVault helps you save water.

Step 3: Save Money

By pinpointing the exact location of a leak, WaterVault helps reduce repair times, which ultimately saves you money.

Simple Installation

Setup takes just a couple minutes.  A few turns of a wrench, connect to WiFi and that’s it.  No need to cut or weld anything.  No plumbers necessary.

WiFi Connected. Battery Operated.
Fully Autonomous.

Two AA batteries (included) allows WaterVault to be installed anywhere you have WiFi.  Designed to last over 2 years without charging, the system performs nightly health  checks on itself and will notify you if something needs attention.

Usage Data

WaterVault provides a level of data never before seen for water usage.  You can now see what time of day, day of week, or bathroom is most used.  No more being surprised at the end of the month because of a running toilet.  

Water Savings Calculator